• The domestic cat vaccine is the leader in the clinical stage.


    Recently, pet healthcare was learned that Jally Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has obtained the clinical approval of feline triple vaccine in June 2021. It is the first animal protection enterprise to enter the clinical trial stage of domestic feline triple vaccine, and is expected to become the first local enterprise to list feline triple vaccine in China.In 2011, ZoetisFel-O-Vax PCT entered the Chinese market with the......

  • Jally biological passed GMP acceptance of veterinary drugs.


    From January 25 to 26, 2022, appointed by the animal husbandry and Veterinary Department of Zhejiang Provincial Department of agriculture and rural areas, an expert acceptance team composed of Yuan Guohua, Zhou Zhijin, Wang Bin and Jin Huaihong of Zhejiang animal husbandry and agricultural machinery development center and Chen Chenggang of animal husbandry......

  • The laboratory animal room of Jally biological quality center was granted the laboratory animal use license.


    On April 14, the laboratory animal room of the quality center of Jally company obtained the laboratory animal use license issued by the Department of science and technology of Zhejiang Province and was officially listed in the list of laboratory animal use license institutions.The scope of application of Jally quality center approved this time includes six kinds of experimental animals: rats, mice......

  • Experts of the department of Science and Technology have inspected the animal experiment area of the quality center.


    On April 10, a six members acceptance team led by the action management office of the Department of science and technology of Zhejiang Province and headed by expert Kuang Rong conducted a comprehensive inspection and acceptance of six animal experimental areas in the quality center of Jally company in accordance with the regulations on the administration of experimental animals......


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